Sunday, March 7, 2010

Water View Restaurant Danok

It's been ages that Danok a small little Thai-Malaysia border town was open up to Malaysians intending to cross over into Thailand. The town located at the end of the E1 North South Expressway (NSE) in the northern part of the Malaysian Peninsular had benefitted much from the highway linking north to south while Malaysians wishing to go to Hatyai, do have an alternative which takes 45mins approximately by road from Danok.

What used to be a few lanes of Soi (street), this town had blossomed into a lively town and wonder if the people of Danok do really sleep. Night entertainment and spa/massage are abundance and littered on every street along the trunk road leading to Hatyai.

Almost all lanes/streets, have entertainment outlets that caters for Malaysians looking for Bangkok style entertainment within accessibility and no need to travel a distance further up north.

Every night with Thursday and Friday in particular, the town explodes into a celebration where almost all popular nightspots are jam packed with partygoers.

Not to be left out, the prices for food there are surprisingly cheap and would not burn a hole in one's pocket. Many Malaysians cross the border solely to look for bargains ranging from clothings (especially replica jerseys), pans, pots, foodstuff, etc.

Food in restaurants are not to be out done and are tasty in some outlets of which the outstanding restaurant I experienced was simply known as Waterview Restaurant.

Set by a lake which is surrounded by rubber plantation, "floating" attap-roof dining huts are set-up along the lakeside with diners having the option of dining with the traditional floor seating or with table and chairs. The view is not really breathtaking but it allows dining in a relaxed environment.

What is rather interesting is that the food orders are delivered by motorised boats from the kitchen which are located across the lake. Watching the boatmen manouvre the boats while delivering the dishes is another sight to behold.

Most of the food served there are Thai delicacies including the infamous Tom Yum with a southern taste which can be a little spicy for many. Service is fast although we may think that the delivery from kitchen is by boat while price are reasonable.

A souvenir shop located at the entrance offers all kinds of products but what really caught my eye was the RM150 giraffe coin box. I would leave up to your imagination how it looks like or better, make your way there.

This is not a restaurant to be missed if you are in Danok.

 Releasing a pair of eels into the lake to a Thai belief that one would be letting go all the bad luck.

Receiving the food from the boatmen.

Fresh prawns eaten with the spicy chilli sauce. We were sweating profusely thereafter.  

The "add-ons" to spice up the fresh oysters we order.

Fresh oysters! Aphrodisiac?
 The fish which was fried and served with tom yum sauce ... a real great taste!

The kitchen is on the left of the picture. Motorised boats are used to collect the dish prepared from the kitchen and delivered across the lake to the huts.

Lanterns are used to great effect in lighting up the huts and creates a nice scenery during the night from the water reflection.

The souvenir shop at Water View Restaurant.
Looks old but it does serve it's purpose. This van is used to transport customers back into town in the event the customers do not have transport.


Anonymous said...

Please let me have direction to the River View Restaurant. I m driving. tks.

Holiday Travel Notes said...

Drive along the North-South Expressway (NSE) heading North to Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Once you have cross the Thai Immigration, there will be a Oscar hotel on the right and before the hotel, there is a lane turning to the right.

Follow the road as you will pass some rubber plantation before the restaurant on your left.

Anonymous said...

business time?